Franklin Acquisition Advisors Ten Steps to a successful Merger, Sale or Acquisition

Creating Wealth through Business Selling, Mergers and Acquisitions

Franklin Acquisition Advisors, Inc. (FAA) is a complete Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Firm helping closely-held, middle-market companies navigate the sometimes complex world of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and financing. Our emphasis is on what's right for our client. The combined expertise of our partners and advisors gives us the capability to educate and involve our clients in the whole M&A process.

Selling a business is not a "today" event. Developing a clear exit strategy, outlining and implementing a personal financial plan, preparing the business for the best price, and ultimately marketing and selling the business takes time. Our strength lies in our personal approach with every business owner, understanding the owner's objectives, and devising a plan that achieves those objectives.

We've developed a "10-Step Process" to support our clients through all facets of the M&A process, without critical details falling through the cracks. One of the biggest challenges facing a business owner selling a business is the time it can take from running the business. That's no longer a problem with the Franklin Advantage where we become a part of your team. We stay on top of the critical issues, while you continue to run your business prosperously.

What can FAA do for you? Consider our 10-Step Process.

Education on the Mergers & Acquisition Process

  • Understanding the M&A process
  • Developing and implementing targeted exit and liquidity strategies
  • Ensuring all viable options are evaluated

Company Assessment

  • Background
  • Valuation
  • Recasted financial statements
  • Industry analysis

Determine Salability

  • Market conditions
  • Company financial picture
  • Overall feasibility

Financial Planning

  • Assess lifestyle/retirement goals
  • Providing financial planning and tax strategy
  • Estate implications

Business Development

  • Mitigating risks
  • Improving discretionary cash flow
  • Developing a competitive advantage

Develop & Execute Market Strategy

  • Identifying potential buyer types
  • Identifying channels to various buyer types
  • Establishing a game plan to introduce the business to the marketplace

Develop Marketing Package

  • Confidential summary
  • In-depth package for qualified buyers
  • Enabling the receipt of multiple offers

Negotiation and Deal Structure

  • Review offers
  • Purchase type: stock or asset value
  • Treatment of debt

Purchase Agreement

  • Terms
  • Closing date
  • Comprehensive list of what is included in the sale


  • Tax releases
  • Disbursement of funds and/or stock
  • Communication strategy