Franklin's Success: 30 Years Experience and Team Approach

Optimizing Merger and Acquistion Outcome

Franklin Acquisition Advisors has the experience, knowledge, and professional affiliations that you can count on to conduct the sale of your business professionally and confidentially with a personal touch. And we’ll work closely with you so you won’t lose focus on your core business while working through the complexities of selling it.

We do this by building a business relationship that, in effect, becomes an extension of your management team. We help you manage the entire M&A process, from personal financial modeling for the owner, to business improvement and positioning, to marketing and selling the company.

As an extension of your team, we give you a sense of security and confidence that the sale of your business will be conducted professionally and confidentially and will meet your objectives.

As a successor to a 21-year-old Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Firm, Franklin AA is a complete Merger and Acquisition Firm that will help you achieve the optimum value for your company, whether the desired result is a complete exit from the business, or the partial sale of the company to pull some equity out of the business. We work with clients needing guidance with the sale of their closely-held business due to burn out, boredom, sense of decline in the industry, market opportunity, health, age, or estate planning.

Our clients range in revenue from $750,000 to $20M, while most lie between $1M and $10M. We have specific industry expertise in Printing; Optometry; the Service Sector including Landscaping, Engineering Services, HVAC, Plumbing, and Roofing; Manufacturing; Financial Services; Warehousing/Distribution; Electronics; Automation; Construction; Metal Fabrication; Plastics; Medical Devices; Telecom; Direct Mail; Assembly Shops; and Machine and Equipment Manufacturing. Our marketplace is primarily eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New England.